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Stick-Slip Mitigation System

The Stratus Power Services Stick-Slip Mitigation (SSM) System is designed using proven mitigation software. Our stand-alone unit is designed specifically for each drilling rig’s power system and will reduce torsional vibration amplitude while ensuring a smoother drilling process. While using the SSM System, the top drive can maintain a constant speed while still being able to increase pressure downhole without getting the drill bit stuck.

The SPS Stick-Slip Mitigation System:

  • Top-of-the-line high-speed Siemens 1500 series PLC controller
  • High-definition sunlight-readable HMI for easy configuration and operation
  • Driller’s HMI operator panel offered in stainless steel purged for Class 1 Div. 2 areas
  • Communication options include Profibus, Ethernet, and Analog I/Os. For use with VFD or SCR systems
  • Data logging within the HMI to record data for later review
  • Improved drilling performance
  • Lengthens drill bit life
  • Improved rate of penetration (ROP)

VFD Systems

  • PC boards and control houses
  • Engine/generator cubicles complete with sync system
  • Driller’s cabin 480v MCC
  • 600v feeders
  • Ground detection network and transformer VFD cubicles for drilling equipment
  • Mud pump consoles
  • Complete and thorough system documentation package

SCR Systems

  • PLC program
  • Power limit control systems shunt motor field supplies
  • Drawworks braking systems both dynamic and regenerative 
  • Remote mud pump control console
  • Full line of support for all Ross Hill AC and DC systems

Skidding Motor Monitoring System

  • Complete visualization of amperage for each motor from touchscreen HMI 
  • Setpoints for alarms and shutdown in event of overcurrent
  • Alarm log, saved to SD Card, to review any alarm condition
  • Trending screen that captures all motor amperages over time

Top Drive Transfer Panel With HMI

  • Complete integration with your existing top drive and electrical system
  • Custom HMI built to your specifications
  • Multiple screens for total control and information visualization
  • Trending and Alarm pages for data capture and reference